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Why You Should Add Watermelon To Your Skincare Routine

Watermelon is a staple of summer, but did you know it is more than just a satisfying snack? Every part of the watermelon from the flesh, rind, and even the seeds has terrific benefits for your skin. Incorporating this fantastic fruit into your skincare routine can help calm skin, heal damage after breakouts, and help control acne and eczema from the inside out.

In Korea, people have been using watermelon rind to soothe aggravated skin. California dermatologist Anna Guanche reported that "Korean grandmothers used to rub watermelon rids on sunburns, rashes or irritated skin to soothe it and help it recover faster". It can calm inflammation and redness as well as speed up the cellular process.

Watermelon seeds contain proteins and fatty acids. The seed proteins help lock in moisture thanks to the ceramides present. They also contain linoleic acid to help plump and oleic acid to help hydrate. This is why we chose watermelon seed oil as an additive in our liquid bath, body, and hair care products!

Watermelon is chock full of Vitamins! If your face is showing signs of damage, dark spots, and dry patches, it is definitely time to break out this vitamin-rich ingredient to put your healing on fast forward. Dermatologist Anna Guanche says the vitamins A and C found in Watermelon can help in restoring damaged skin after sun exposure, wind, or even stress. Vitamin E, which is also in this beautiful fruit, can lighten hyperpigmentation, fill out fine lines, and help neutralize the effects of free radicals (like when you get a sunburn). Watermelon is a wonderful antioxidant!

Watermelon for all!

Since this fruit isn't very acidic, it's made of mostly water, and sugar, it is easy to work it into any skin types regimen. You may have oily, acne-prone, sensitive, or anti-aging skin but using a high-quality product that contains Watermelon, like our Summery Watermelon lotion, is a positive factor in your skincare.

To you use watermelon as a hydrator at home see our forum post on an oil control face mask.

Watermelon is not only wonderful for your skin and hair but consuming it has all types of benefits from hydration, low calorie, and low sugar with tones of vitamins, it is also heart- healthy. It has been said that it may also help lower inflammation, and oxidative stress, help relieve sore muscles, and improve digestion. So let's get some Watermelon on you and in you! Here's a Watermelon recipe just for you:

Watermelon Limeade Cocktail
courtesy of the Minimalist Baker

Watermelon Limeade Cocktails

Watermelon "ice cubes" and fresh lime juice are the stars of this simple refreshing cocktail by the Minimalist Baker.

Serves 2


  • 1 small seedless watermelon

  • 2 medium limes*

  • 2 shots white rum (Bacardi)

  • 2 Tbsp sugar

  • 1 liter club soda


  • Slice 3/4 of seedless watermelon into cubes, reserving one quarter for juice, and place in a bag and freeze for several hours or preferably overnight.

  • In a strainer over a bowl, press the remaining chunks of fresh watermelon with a muddler or flat surface until most of the juice is extracted.

  • Slice limes into quarters and squeeze the juice of one fruit into each serving glass, throwing the limes into the glass along with it. (Only use half of a lime instead of 2 medium limes if you prefer a drink that's not as tart.)

  • Add 1 tbsp sugar and one shot (2 Tbsp / 30 ml) of white rum to each serving glass and muddle until well mixed.

  • Fill to the brim with watermelon ice cubes, add a healthy splash of watermelon juice (about 1/4 cup), and top off with club soda.

  • Stir, garnish with a lime wedge, and serve with a straw.

Notes *Only add half of a lime if you prefer a less tart drink. *If your watermelon isn't frozen, just add in a few actual ice cubes to chill the drink. *You'll have enough watermelon ice cubes for at least four drinks. *Omit the sugar if you prefer a more tart cocktail. *I highly recommend eating the boozy watermelon cubes as they melt - so tasty! *Questions about substitutions, equipment, or troubleshooting?

Check out our Recipe FAQ page.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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