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45GC   $45 Gift Crate
50GC   $50 Gift Crate
2ozgift   2 oz Travel Size Gift Set
2SBOGC   2 Soap + 4oz Bottle Gift Crate
4ozBVCGB   4oz Bottle and Votive Candle Gift Bag
8ozGS   8 Oz Gift Set
SHAMPOO   A Shampoo
WC   Anti-Static Wooden Comb
ACJSC   Apricot Chamomile 16oJar Soy Candle
ACDWSC   Apricot Chamomile Double Wick Soy Candle
ACOBS   Apricot Chamomile Oat Bath Soak
ACOBO   Apricot Chamomile Oat Body Oil
ACOBSUG   Apricot Chamomile Oat Body Sugar
ACOLOT   Apricot Chamomile Oat Lotion
ACOSG   Apricot Chamomile Oat Shower Gel
ACOSOAP   Apricot Chamomile Oat Soap
ACRS   Apricot Chamomile Room Spray
AVOBO   Avocado Lime + E Body Oil
AVOBSUG   Avocado Lime + E Body Sugar
AVOLOT   Avocado Lime + E Lotion
AvoSG   Avocado Lime + E Shower Gel
AVOSOAP   Avocado Lime + E Soap
AVOBS   Avocado Lime Bath Soak
AVOBM   Avocado Lime Botanical Mist
BBJSC   Black Bamboo 16oz Jar Soy Candle
BBCOND   Black Bamboo Conditioner
BBDWSC   Black Bamboo Double Wick Soy Candle
BBLOT   Black Bamboo Lotion
BBRS   Black Bamboo Room Spray
BBSHMP   Black Bamboo Shampoo
BBSG   Black Bamboo Shower Gel
BOJSC   Blood Orange 16oz Jar Soy Candle
BODWSC   Blood Orange Double Wick Soy Candle
BORS   Blood Orange Room Spray
BOSBS   Blood Orange Sunflower Bath Soak
BOSBO   Blood Orange Sunflower Body Oil
BOSBSUG   Blood Orange Sunflower Body Sugar
BOSBM   Blood Orange Sunflower Botanical Mist
BOSCOND   Blood Orange Sunflower Conditioner
BOSLOT   Blood Orange Sunflower Lotion
BOSSHMP   Blood Orange Sunflower Shampoo
BOSSG   Blood Orange Sunflower Shower Gel
BCJSC   Blueberry Citrus 16oz Jar Soy Candle
BCBSUG   Blueberry Citrus Body Sugar
BCDWSC   Blueberry Citrus Double Wick Soy Candle
BCLOT   Blueberry Citrus Lotion
BCRS   Blueberry Citrus Room Spray
BCSOAP   Blueberry Citrus Soap
CABJSC   Cabernet a l'Orange 16oz Jar Soy Candle
CABBS   Cabernet a l'Orange Bath Soak
CABBO   Cabernet a l'Orange Body Oil
CABBSUG   Cabernet a l'Orange Body Sugar
CABCOND   Cabernet a l'Orange Conditioner
CABDWSC   Cabernet a l'Orange Double Wick Soy Candle
CABLOT   Cabernet a l'Orange Lotion
CABRS   Cabernet a l'Orange Room Spray
CABSHMP   Cabernet a l'Orange Shampoo
CABSG   Cabernet a l'Orange Shower Gel
CABSOAP   Cabernet a l'Orange Soap
CANDLECLUB   Candle Of The Month Club
CCJSC   Candy Cane 16oz Jar Soy Candle
CCDWSC   Candy Cane Double Wick Soy Candle
CCHS   Candy Cane Hand Soap
CCRS   Candy Cane Room Spray
CCSOAP   Candy Cane Soap
CBW   Castile Baby Wash
CADWSC   Chocolate Almond Double Wick Soy Candle
CMBS   Chocolate Mint Bath Soak
CMDWSC   Chocolate Mint Double Wick Soy Candle
CMRS   Chocolate Mint Room Spray
CTJSC   Christmas Tree 16oz Jar Soy Candle
CTDWSC   Christmas Tree Double Wick Soy Candle
CTRS   Christmas Tree Room Spray
CITJSC   Citrus 16oz Jar Soy Candle
CITBS   Citrus Bath Soak
CITBO   Citrus Body Oil
CITBSUG   Citrus Body Sugar
CITBM   Citrus Botanical Mist
CITCOND   Citrus Conditioner
CITDWSC   Citrus Double Wick Soy Candle
CITSOAP   Citrus Exfoliator Soap
CITLOT   Citrus Lotion
CITRS   Citrus Room Spray
CITSHMP   Citrus Shampoo
CITSG   Citrus Shower Gel
CONDITIONER   Conditioner
CBOJSC   Cranberry Orange 16oz Jar Soy Candle
CBOBS   Cranberry Orange Bath Soak
CBOBO   Cranberry Orange Body Oil
CBOBSUG   Cranberry Orange Body Sugar
COCOND   Cranberry Orange Conditioner
CBODWSC   Cranberry Orange Double Wick Soy Candle
COHS   Cranberry Orange Hand Soap
CBOLOT   Cranberry Orange Lotion
CBORS   Cranberry Orange Room Spray
CBOSHMP   Cranberry Orange Shampoo
CBOSG   Cranberry Orange Shower Gel
CBOSOAP   Cranberry Orange Soap
CSD   Crate Soap Dish
DVC-Donation   Donate to Our Cause
DVCSOAP   DVC Soap Donation Bars
FHJSC   Fig & Honey 16oz Jar Soy Candle
FHBS   Fig & Honey Bath Soak
FHBO   Fig & Honey Body Oil
FHBSUG   Fig & Honey Body Sugar
FHDWSC   Fig & Honey Double Wick Soy Candle
FHLOT   Fig & Honey Lotion
FHRS   Fig & Honey Room Spray
GAJSC   Golden Applejack 16oz Jar Soy Candle
GAJHCOND   Golden Applejack Conditioner
GAJDWSC   Golden Applejack Double Wick Soy Candle
GAJHS   Golden Applejack Hand Soap
GAJLOT   Golden Applejack Lotion
GAJHSHMP   Golden Applejack Shampoo
GASG   Golden Applejack Shower Gel
GAMHJSC   Green Apple Mint & Honey 16oz Jar Soy Candle
GAMHBSUG   Green Apple Mint & Honey Body Sugar
GAMHDWSC   Green Apple Mint & Honey Double Wick Soy Candle
GAMLOT   Green Apple Mint & Honey Lotion
GAMHRS   Green Apple Mint & Honey Room Spray
HCJSC   Hazelnut & Coffee 16oz Jar Soy Candle
HCBSUG   Hazelnut & Coffee Body Sugar
HCDWSC   Hazelnut & Coffee Double Wick Soy Candle
HCSOAP   Hazelnut & Coffee Soap
HRTGB   Heart Gift Box
HPJSC   Holiday Pomegranate 16oz Jar Soy Candle - Retiring
HPBO   Holiday Pomegranate Body Oil - Retiring
HPBSUG   Holiday Pomegranate Body Sugar - Retiring
HPCOND   Holiday Pomegranate Conditioner - Retiring
HPDWSC   Holiday Pomegranate Double Wick Soy Candle - Retiring
HPHS   Holiday Pomegranate Hand Soap - Retiring
HPLOT   Holiday Pomegranate Lotion + Retiring
RCPRS   Holiday Pomegranate Room Spray - Retiring
HPSHMP   Holiday Pomegranate Shampoo - Retiring
HPSG   Holiday Pomegranate Shower Gel - Retiring
HPSOAP   Holiday Pomegranate Soap - Retiring Soap
LLJSC   Lemon Lavender 16oz Jar Soy Candle
LLBS   Lemon Lavender Bath Soak
LLBO   Lemon Lavender Body Oil
LLBSUG   Lemon Lavender Body Sugar
LLBM   Lemon Lavender Botanical Mist
LLCOND   Lemon Lavender Conditioner
LLDWSC   Lemon Lavender Double Wick Soy Candle
LLLOT   Lemon Lavender Lotion
LLRS   Lemon Lavender Room Spray
LLSHMP   Lemon Lavender Shampoo
LLSG   Lemon Lavender Shower Gel
LLSOAP   Lemon Lavender Soap
LTDWSC   Lemon Twist Double Wick Soy Candle
LZCSOAP   Lemon Zest & Calendula
LIP   Lip Balm
LIQHS   Liquid Hand Soap
MWCJSC   Merlot Wine Cask 16oz Jar Soy Candle
MWCBO   Merlot Wine Cask Body Oil
MWCBSUG   Merlot Wine Cask Body Sugar
MWCCOND   Merlot Wine Cask Conditioner
MWCDWSC   Merlot Wine Cask Double Wick Soy Candle
MULOT   Merlot Wine Cask Lotion
MWCRS   Merlot Wine Cask Room Spray
MWCSHMP   Merlot Wine Cask Shampoo
MWCSG   Merlot Wine Cask Shower Gel
MWCSOAP   Merlot Wine Cask Soap
MSGGC   Mixed Shower Gel Gift Crate
MDPGB   Mother's Day Peck Gift Basket
NRC   Natural Repellent Candle
NIRS   Natural Repellent Spray
NUTSDWSC   Nuts from the Orchard Double Wick Soy Candle - Retiring
NUTSSOAP   Nuts from the Orchard Soap - Retiring
OLTBS   Olive Lemon Twist Bath Soak
OLTBO   Olive Lemon Twist Body Oil
OLTBSUG   Olive Lemon Twist Body Sugar
OLTBM   Olive Lemon Twist Botanical Mist
OLTCOND   Olive Lemon Twist Conditioner
OLTLOT   Olive Lemon Twist Lotion
LTRS   Olive Lemon Twist Room Spray
OLTSHMP   Olive Lemon Twist Shampoo
OLTSG   Olive Lemon Twist Shower Gel
OBHSC   Orange Blossom Honey 16oz Jar Soy Candle
OBHBS   Orange Blossom Honey Bath Soak
OBHBO   Orange Blossom Honey Body Oil
OBHBSUG   Orange Blossom Honey Body Sugar
OBHDWSC   Orange Blossom Honey Double Wick Soy Candle
OBLOT   Orange Blossom Honey Lotion
OBHRS   Orange Blossom Honey Room Spray
OPSC   Orange Pomander 16oz Jar Soy Candle
OPBS   Orange Pomander Bath Soak
OPBO   Orange Pomander Body Oil
OPBSUG   Orange Pomander Body Sugar
OPDWSC   Orange Pomander Double Wick Soy Candle
OPLOT   Orange Pomander Lotion
OPRS   Orange Pomander Room Spray
OPSOAP   Orange Pomander Soap
PGINJSC   Pear & Ginger 16oz Jar Soy Candle
PGINBS   Pear & Ginger Bath Soak
PGINBO   Pear & Ginger Body Oil
PGINBSUG   Pear & Ginger Body Sugar
PGINDWSC   Pear & Ginger Double Wick Soy Candle
PNGLOT   Pear & Ginger Lotion
PGINRS   Pear & Ginger Room Spray
PGINSG   Pear & Ginger Shower Gel

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