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Avocado Lime Botanical Mist Blood Orange Sunflower Botanical Mist Citrus Botanical Mist
Citrus Botanical Mist
Our Price: $10.00
Avocado Lime Botanical Mist hydrates your skin. It has the uplifting fresh scent of lime and the moisturizing addition of Avocado Extract.

Blood Orange Sunflower Botanical Mist hydrates and conditions your skin, leaving it soft and supple. This Mist has the spicy aroma of blood oranges and sweet mandarin - uplifting and stimulating! Citrus! Four times the citrus benefits in this uplifting Botanical Mist. Tone, moisture balance and luster on your skin. You get it all in this bottle from the addition of the four pure essential oils. This is the perfect pick me up in your day!!
Lemon Lavender Botanical Mist Olive Lemon Twist Botanical Mist Pink Grapefruit Botanical Mist
Lemon and Lavender are two of the best essential oils for you and your skin. Benefits like increasing luster in dull skin, detoxifying and rejuvenating. The citrus scent will lift your spirits and the Lavender will keep you calm. This blend is always a winner!
This scent is a pure twist of Lemon. Fresh and uplifting with all the benefits of increasing skin luster. Give it a squeeze and see! Pink Grapefruit is the core to this Botanical Mist. With the combination of the fruit and the Aloe Vera this is highly refreshing.
Tangerine Lavender Botanical Mist
This combination is core to our product line. Soothing, uplifting and moisture balancing is what make this so special. The benefits for the skin from both Tangerine and Lavender are amazing and they extend not only to the skin but to your hair as well. And the aroma therapy is unbeatable!