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Handcrafted Soaps

Soap Orchard soaps are handcrafted, by us, in small batches using natural, hand juiced fruits and plant-derived ingredients from orchards and farms. These natural ingredients are mixed with seven or more of the highest quality oils, instead of the common three, which produce a rich and moisturizing lather. They are gently cleansing without stripping moisture from your skin. Unlike most commercial detergent bars which contain animal fats, harsh chemicals, and detergents, the glycerin is preserved in our handcrafted soaps. Glycerin - which is a by-product of the natural soap making process is a natural humectant, attracting moisture to the skin. Our handcrafted soap is soap in its truest, purest and most natural form.

At Soap Orchard we,

  • Use fairly traded natural shea butter
  • Use food-grade oils and butters
  • Use local beeswax & honey
  • Use plant-based essential oils, extracts, and absolutes to scent the vast majority of our products
  • We support local orchards, vineyards, and farms by using ingredients from their crops
  • Many of our products contain vegan, vegetarian and/or organic ingredients whenever possible
  • Unlike many handcrafted soaps, we use 7 different high-quality oils, instead of two or three which is common.
  • We are Paraben-Free
  • We DO NOT nor will we ever test on any animals
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Apricot Chamomile Oat Soap Apricot Chamomile Oat Soap

Apricot Chamomile soap has the mellow sweet scent of apricot and the soothing properties of Chamomile and Oat.

Our Price: $8.00
Avocado Lime + E Soap Avocado Lime + E Soap

Avocado Lime + E soap is a wonderfully moisturizing soap with the uplifting scent of lime and added Vitamin E. This bar is full of antioxidants!

Our Price: $8.00
Blueberry Citrus Soap Blueberry Citrus Soap

Blueberry Citrus Soap has the perfect blend of sweet blueberries and citrusy lemons to make this a wonderfully fruity soap bar.
This super exfoliating soap is packed with blueberry seeds, lemon peel and yellow silt clay to slough off those dead skin cells. Plus the uplifting scents and benefits from Blueberry Extract and Lemon Essential Oil.

Our Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $6.00
Cabernet a l'Orange Soap Cabernet a l'Orange Soap

Love your red wine so much you want to bathe in it!! Made with Cabernet wine. The smell of blackberry and black currant, with a hint of orange to finish it off. You will definitely need a glass of your favorite Cabernet and a candle when using this at bath time. Give yourself that special treat!

Our Price: $8.50
Citrus Exfoliator Soap Citrus Exfoliator Soap

This is a citrus explosion and a great cooks kitchen soap!
Finely ground Orange & Lemon Peel mixed with Mandarin and Lime Leaves to take off those dead dry smelly skin cells. Plus the uplifting scents of Orange, Tangerine, Lemon and Lime Essential Oils. It will have your mind dancing in the citrus groves!

Our Price: $8.00

Coconut Citrus Smoother Soap Coconut Citrus Smoother

Coconut Citrus Smoother is made with Coconut milk and Coconut oil with the exfoliating addition of Lime leaves. The natural fatty acids from Coconut milk can help with dry irritated skin and maintain flexibility and elasticity! A wonderful solution for dry summer skin and a little extra kick - added Shea Butter. Smooooooth!
*This soap is unscented.

Our Price: $7.00
Cranberry Orange Soap Cranberry Orange Soap

Cranberry Orange Soap has a wonderful scent blend of citrus notes - Orange, Satsuma, Yuzu, and Tangerine - followed by notes of Cranberry, Peach, and hints of holiday spices. This soap combines Orange essential oil, highly exfoliating Cranberry seeds and the wonderful enzymes of the Cranberry to uplift your skin.

Our Price: $8.00
Hazelnut & Coffee Soap Hazelnut & Coffee Soap

WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!! Made with real french roast coffee brewed to perfection. Highlighted with moisturizing coffee butter for soft skin and coffee grinds for exfoliation. The scent of Hazelnut and a touch of cinnamon gives you that warm fuzzy feeling all over.

Our Price: $8.00

Holiday Pomegranate Soap - Retiring Soap Holiday Pomegranate Soap - Retiring Soap

Enjoy the skin benefits of Pomegranate and Orange essential oil in this wonderful Soap! Holiday Pomegranate Soap has a wonderful scent blend of Pomegranate, Citrus, Dewberry, Blackberry, Iris, Jasmine, Sheer Musk, Sandalwood, and Red Cassis. The Pomegranate Seed Oil, moisturizers and emulsifiers give this a really smooth finish feel on your skin!

Our Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $4.00

Lemon Lavender Soap Lemon Lavender Soap

Bright clean citrusy lemon is a timeless scent but the addition of calming lavender makes this soap a daily use winner! Everyday orchard pick!

Our Price: $8.00
Lemon Zest & Calendula Lemon Zest & Calendula

A fresh and simple soap, Lemon Zest & Calendula has an uplifting and clean scent. Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon essential oil and Calendula petals, this soap is rich and moisturizing without leaving your skin oily or sticky.

Our Price: $9.00
Merlot Wine Cask Soap Merlot Wine Cask Soap

Merlot Wine Cask Soap has a fruity wine scent with the color depth of an oak wine barrel as well as a special scent surprise, a hint of tobacco leaf. Men love this scent!

Our Price: $8.50
Orange Pomander Soap Orange Pomander Soap

Christmas tradition in a soap bar! Do you remember creating orange pomanders by pushing cloves into an orange? And in a few days and through Christmas the orange would ooze that wonderful orange and clove smell into the house. That is what inspired this Christmas soap.
Finely ground Orange Peel and Orange essential oil mixed with clove and cinnamon in an orange honey-based glycerin soap. Filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants from honey to feed and moisturize your skin!

Our Price: $9.00
Secret Soap Sac Secret Soap Sac

For Spring you can purchase a Secret Soap Sac filled with a secret combination of 4 soaps.
This is a SUPER deal and a FUN way to try something new (or give as a gift, or hoard, or cut up for drawer smellies, whatever floats your boat).

Our Price: $25.00
Soap Of The Month Club Soap Of The Month Club

Soap of the Month Club! Receive a different one of our 4 oz handcrafted soap bars every month for a year! Be surprised each month when something new arrives at your door. We will include Seasonal Picks with the changing of the seasons too!! This is a really fun gift giving item!

Our Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $100.00
Strawberry Champagne Castile Soap Strawberry Champagne Castile Soap

Strawberry Champagne is a wonderful blend of red berry fruits combined with the floral scent of Lily of the Valley and a hint of apple cider. It is made with a high volume of Olive Oil, is a mild cleanser with light lather and is a wonderfully moisturizing soap. This gentle bar is topped with exfoliating strawberry seeds and has the body care benefits from the addition of Rose Clay which helps detoxify and draw out impurities.

Our Price: $8.00

Sugared Lemon Sugared Lemon

Remember the taste of Lemonheads candy? The scent of this soap brings you right back to those memories. Sugared Lemon Soap is made with added lemon essential oil, lemon peel, vanilla, and Turbinado sugar. It smells fresh and is wonderfully exfoliating

Our Price: $8.00
Summer Peach Soap Summer Peach Soap

Summer Peach Soap is packed with wonderful peach juices and extracts to give a high dose of Vitamin C. In addition the Calendula petals add an extra gentle exfoliating and moisturizing quality to this bar. You will be in love with this new, naturally healthy skin soap.

Our Price: $8.00

Summery Watermelon Bar Soap Summery Watermelon Soap

Summery Watermelon Soap is made with the juice, oil and rind of the Watermelon. It helps hydrate your skin and is loaded with Vitamin A, C and antioxidants.This soap is the perfect skin solution for summer and the pure aroma of Watermelon is fresh and inviting!

Our Price: $8.00

Unscented Soap Unscented Soap

Chamomile Oat is a gentle and soothing soap from infusing Chamomile Flowers and Oats into wonderfully moisturizing Extra Virgin Olive oil. This soap is unscented and great for extra sensitive skin!! It has the same gentle ingredients that are in our Baby Orchard Soap.

Our Price: $7.50
Walnut Pear Chardonnay Soap Walnut Pear Chardonnay Soap

Fall Chardonnay lovers rejoice!! The aroma of picking Chardonnay grapes off the vine with the earthy aroma of pear and dusted with ground walnut shell for a light exfoliation. Heavenly!!!! Enjoy it in the bath with a glass of your favorite Chardonnay and one of our pear walnut candles tub side.

Our Price: $8.50