Blueberry Thyme
Blueberry Thyme

Blueberry Thyme
Blueberry Thyme

About Soap Orchard

Soap Orchard soaps are handcrafted in small batches using natural, plant-derived ingredients and high-quality oils which produce a rich, luxurious lather. They are gently cleansing without stripping moisture from your skin. Unlike most commercial detergent bars that contain animal fats, harsh chemicals, and detergents, the glycerin is preserved in our handcrafted soap. Glycerin, a by-product of the natural soap making process, is a natural humectant that attracts moisture to the skin. Our handcrafted soap is soap in its most authentic, purest, and most natural form.

What makes us special....

Our orchard inspired body care helps you feed your skin by using fruits, nuts, and plants from local farms!

Soap Orchard strives to hand-make the most authentic and purest form of products possible. 

Nature provides us with fantastic, healing Vitamins and botanicals that are safe and skin-loving. We work with farms and orchards to get fruits and nuts that would typically not be sellable and juice and puree them right into our soap batter—putting the Vitamins, extracts, and oils directly into your body's largest organ - the skin!

At Soap Orchard, we respectfully use nature's bounty to conduct our business in an environmentally aware manner. Help us love our planet, one soap bar at a time!

Gentle enough for children and sensitive skin!

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